i Light Singapore 2023 and Gastrobeats 2023

i Light Singapore 2023 & Gastrobeats 2023

i Light Singapore 2023, a month-long celebration showcasing vibrant local culture through food, music, and interactive installations.

6 days ago

Experience the Sounds of Rio at Genting Theme Park

Immerse in the lively “Sounds of Rio” show at Centro Stage. Join Blu, Jewel, Nigel, as they seek talent and gear up for the samba festival!

2 weeks ago
Sembawang Hot Spring

Sembawang Hot Spring: Rejuvenate and Boil Eggs!

Sembawang Hot Spring: Immerse in serene waters, rejuvenate your senses, and experience the unique joy of cooking eggs with natural water.

2 weeks ago
Singapore Marina Bay - free sailing by the bay

Singapore Marina Bay – free sailing by the bay

Free sailing by the bay in Marina Bay allows the public to discover the bay from a unique viewpoint and appreciate its picturesque scenery.

1 month ago
JB 1 Day Trip Itinerary

JB 1 Day Trip Itinerary – shop, eat and chill

JB 1 Day Trip Itinerary: 30 minutes drive away from the Johor checkpoint to a European-style architecture town to shop, eat and chill.

1 month ago
Red Hill and the swordfish

The story of Redhill and swordfish

Once upon a time, in the land of Singapura, the village was facing a terrible crisis. The sea was infested with a strange species of fish called swordfish that had never been seen in this region. These swordfish were incredibly fast and deadly, attacking anyone who dared to venture out to sea and those who […]

2 months ago
Singaporean Living Cost in 2023: Comfortable Life

Singaporean Living Cost in 2023: Comfortable Life

Discover what it like for a Singaporean Living cost in 2023, living in one of the world’s most expensive countries, and how he manage it.

3 months ago
genting dream cruise balcony room 2022

Genting Cruise Balcony Room Review

Genting Dream Cruise balcony rooms are spacious, accommodating up to 4 people, and come with a bed, TV, fridge, and bathroom with a shower.

3 months ago
first class solitaire suites

Bus from Genting Highlands to Singapore comes with lunch box

First Class Solitaire Suites Coach Experience: Comfort, Style, and Delicious meal from Genting to Singapore at SG40

3 months ago
genting skyworld hotel

Genting SkyWorlds Hotel: Perfect for Families with Kids

Genting SkyWorlds Hotel is a family-friendly hotel located in the heart of the Genting Highlands, a popular mountain resort destination.

3 months ago