RM15 SG to JB by train
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RM15 SG to JB by train: Your Ultimate How-To Guide

Many Singaporeans love visiting Johor Bahru, and to avoid congestion at the Malaysian customs, train tickets are quickly snatched up. There are three types of people buying train tickets, so which type are you? Let me show you how to buy train tickets in advance and remind you of important considerations.

Now, let’s head over to Google’s website and search for ‘KTM train.’ Click on the first link, and you’ll reach the KTM website. Then, click on ‘KITS ticketing.’ Here, select ‘Shuttle Tebrau.’ For ‘Origin,’ choose Woodlands CIQ, and for ‘Destination,’ select JB Sentral. Most Singaporeans operate under the assumption of departing on the 29th and returning on the same day. Let’s search.

Here, you can see various train timings. Let’s choose 8:30 AM. The journey takes only five minutes to JB Sentral. Also, you can see the remaining available seats. The price is 17.30 MYR, approximately 5 SGD.

Moving down, let’s choose the return ticket’s timing to Singapore. Let’s select 7:00 PM, which costs 17.30 MYR, about 5 SGD.

Fill in your personal details here. Notice that the ticket price for your departure and return journeys is 17.30 MYR each, totaling 34.70 MYR.

The second type of ticket buyer purchases a one-way ticket to JB Sentral. Similarly, choose 8:30 AM for departure, and you can see the price is 17.30 MYR. Next, let’s purchase a ticket from JB Sentral back to Woodlands CIQ. Again, select 7:00 PM, and the ticket costs 5 MYR.

The total cost for this option is 17.30 MYR + 5 MYR, totaling 22.30 MYR. This way, you save 12.30 MYR.

The third type of ticket buyer is the ‘geng’ (savvy) one. For this, first purchase a ticket from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ. Let’s say we’re going to JB on the 29th. Buy a ticket from the 28th to the 29th. Choose any time for the 28th, as you won’t return on that day. On the 29th, select 8:30 AM from Woodlands CIQ to JB. You can see that the fare is 5 MYR. Now, let’s buy another ticket from JB Sentral back to Woodlands CIQ for the same day. Choose 7:00 PM, also priced at 5 MYR.

For this strategy, the total cost is 15 MYR, saving you 19.50 MYR in total. So, are you the ordinary, money-saving, or ‘geng’ type of ticket buyer after watching this video?

On the day of your journey, bring your passport. To reach the train station, take the MRT to Marsiling MRT station. Cross the overhead bridge to the bus station. Wait for bus 856. After three bus stops, you’ll arrive. Walk to the second-floor waiting area. On your left, you’ll see the train.

This is the waiting area, so be there about 40 minutes before the train leaves.

Since I can’t film here, I’ll describe the process.

About 40 minutes before the train departs from Singapore, a Malaysian officer will check your passport and take a photo.

Then, you’ll clear Singaporean immigration, followed by Malaysian immigration. Wait in the waiting area until it’s time to board the train. The journey to JB Sentral takes only 5 minutes. Once you arrive, no further immigration is needed. You can head straight to City Square for fun.