Chinese Zodiac Allies
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Chinese Zodiac Allies, Secret and Incompatible Friends

Ever wondered why you instantly connect with some and not with others? Dive into the world of zodiac animals and discover how they play a role in friendships – some as allies, others as foes.

The Chinese zodiac, comprising twelve animal signs, isn’t just about symbols – it’s a blend of characteristics, principles, and connections. Certain signs get along well together—others, not so much. 

In the Chinese zodiac, signs that harmonize effortlessly are arranged into ‘triangles of affinity.’ These sets form ‘trios of animals that naturally bring out the best in each other,’ consisting of secret friends, allies, and incompatible friends.

So what is secret friends, allies, and incompatible friends.

Secret Friend:

  • Your secret friend is believed to bring you good luck and support. It is associated with the sign that is three spaces away from your own in the zodiac cycle.


  • Your allies are said to be compatible with your personality and can be your close friends whom you feel connected and comfortable to be around.

Incompatible Friend:

  • The conflict animal is the sign that is directly opposite to your own in the zodiac cycle. This sign is believed to bring challenges and conflicts.

Let check out which zodiac animals are your secret friends, allies, and incompatible friends.

  1. Rat (鼠):
  • Allies with Dragon and Monkey.
  • Secret Friend with Ox.
  • Conflicts with Horse.
  1. Ox (牛):
  • Allies with Snake and Rooster.
  • Secret Friend with Rat.
  • Conflicts with Goat.
  1. Tiger (虎):
  • Allies with Horse and Dog.
  • Secret Friend with Pig.
  • Conflicts with Monkey.
  1. Rabbit (兔):
  • Allies with Goat and Pig.
  • Secret Friend with Dog.
  • Conflicts with Rooster.
  1. Dragon (龙):
  • Allies with Monkey and Rat.
  • Secret Friend with Rooster.
  • Conflicts with Dog.
  1. Snake (蛇):
  • Allies with Rooster and Ox.
  • Secret Friend with Monkey.
  • Conflicts with Pig.
  1. Horse (马):
  • Allies with Tiger and Dog.
  • Secret Friend with Goat.
  • Conflicts with Rat.
  1. Goat (羊):
  • Allies with Rabbit and Pig.
  • Secret Friend with Horse.
  • Conflicts with Ox.
  1. Monkey (猴):
  • Allies with Rat and Dragon.
  • Secret Friend with Snake.
  • Conflicts with Tiger.
  1. Rooster (鸡):
  • Allies with Ox and Snake.
  • Secret Friend with Dragon.
  • Conflicts with Rabbit.
  1. Dog (狗):
  • Allies with Tiger and Horse.
  • Secret Friend with Rabbit.
  • Conflicts with Dragon.
  1. Pig (猪):
  • Allies with Rabbit and Goat.
  • Secret Friend with Tiger.
  • Conflicts with Snake.

As we explore connections, the Chinese zodiac gives us a cool way to understand how people get along. Learning about secret friends, allies, and incompatible friends is like having a guide to friendships. What do you think? Does it ring true to your experiences?