i Light Singapore 2023 and Gastrobeats 2023

i Light Singapore 2023 & Gastrobeats 2023

i Light Singapore 2023 & Gastrobeats 2023

First held in 2010, i Light Singapore is Asia’s leading sustainable light festival held in Marina Bay.

GastroBeats, as the Festival Village of i Light Singapore, offers a month-long celebration that brings together the community and showcases the vibrant local culture through the enjoyment of good food, music, and fun.

Food enthusiasts can indulge in a wide range of delectable dishes served by 50 local F&B vendors. From classic favorites to modern culinary creations, there’s something to tantalize every taste bud. The festival also treats music lovers to live performances by talented local musicians representing diverse genres, including renowned acts like 53A and Tabula. For those seeking excitement, there’s an array of activities to enjoy, including towering bouncy castles that promise fun for both the young and the young-at-heart.

The DSB zone offers visitors a unique interactive experience with visually captivating installations centered around themes of self-care, sustainable living, and future-readiness. Children can engage with engaging experiences at POSB Money Smart to learn about money management and unleash their creativity. Adults can test their reflexes with interactive games like Money Matchmaker and Made for Travel. Additionally, visitors can try rowing machines at Eco Row and Glow to illuminate an installation, or strike a pose at Find Your Spark where a glambot captures stunning cinematic, slow-motion videos.

General admission to the Festival Village is free, but there may be charges for selected activities.

Admission: free

i Light Singapore: Marina Bay, South Beach and Millenia Walk
GastroBeats: Festival Village at Bayfront Events Space

i Light Singapore: Sun to Thurs, 7.30pm – 11pm. Fri & Sat, 7.30pm – 12am
GastroBeats: 4pm – 11pm daily


作为i Light Singapore 2023的节日村庄,GastroBeats是一个为期一个月的盛会,集结了美食、音乐和娱乐,让社区团结一致,展示本地文化的多样性。


在DSB展区,游客可以享受各种互动体验和适合拍照的视觉装置,围绕自我关爱、可持续生活和未来准备的主题设计。孩子们可以通过POSB Money Smart的体验学习理财知识,并激发他们的创造力,而成年人则可以在互动游戏Money Matchmaker和Made for Travel中测试反应能力。游客还可以尝试划船机来点亮Eco Row and Glow的装置,或在Find Your Spark中与glambot合作,捕捉电影般的慢动作视频。



i Light Singapore:滨海湾、美芝广场和美年径购物中心

i Light Singapore:周日至周四,晚上7:30至11点。周五和周六,晚上7:30至12点。