Sembawang Hot Spring
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Sembawang Hot Spring: Rejuvenate and Boil Eggs!

Sembawang Hot Spring is situated in Sembawang, and it can be easily accessed by alighting at either Sembawang or Canberra station. From either station, you can enjoy a pleasant 20-minute walk to reach the Hot Spring park.

After reaching the entrance to the hot spring, you will need to walk for an additional 5 minutes. However, along this path, you will be surrounded by lush greenery on both sides. Furthermore, there is a cafe and restroom conveniently located along the way.

The Sembawang hot spring was originally discovered in the early 1900s and was initially named Seletar Hot Springs. It was promoted as a tourist attraction to encourage people to visit the area and enjoy the natural hot spring. Additionally, a bottling plant was established at the site. In 1921, Fraser and Neave Limited (F&N) acquired the bottling plant, taking over its operations.

During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese constructed thermal baths as recreational facilities for their officers. Looking ahead, the land was acquired by the government with the intention of expanding the Sembawang Air Base. However, the government later decided against the expansion and instead handed over the land to the National Parks Board for the redevelopment of the hot spring, resulting in the park we see today.

The park offers ample space with various seating areas and a designated bicycle parking area. The hot spring itself is located in the center of the park. It is worth mentioning that there is also an egg cooking station situated in one corner, where the water flows at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.

Within this red brick structure lies the source of the hot spring water. When the National Parks Board (NParks) took over, they constructed a pipe connecting the well to the foot bath area. At the top of the granite structure, the water maintains a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Celsius. However, as the water flows down to each section, the temperature gradually decreases by 5 to 10 degrees.

The hot spring attracts a large number of visitors who come to soak in its waters. To avoid overcrowding due to limited space, it is advisable to bring your own bucket to collect the hot spring water and find a spot with more available seating. This will ensure a more comfortable experience without having to squeeze with others.

However, please remember to place the egg directly under the hot running water and avoid placing it to one side like I did. Otherwise, the egg may not be cooked thoroughly and will remain too watery.

As there is currently space available at the foot bath area, let’s go and test the water.

If you find this place too crowded, you can visit this small riverside area instead. The water flowing in this river is also very warm. Can you see the stream?

We’re feeling hungry, so before we head home, let’s go check out the café.



三巴旺温泉最早是在20世纪初发现的,最初被称为实里达温泉。当时它被推广为旅游景点,鼓励人们前往该地区欣赏天然温泉。此外,还在该地建立了一个装瓶厂。在1921年,新加坡的F&N(Fraser and Neave Limited)收购了该装瓶厂,并接管了其运营。