JB 1 Day Trip Itinerary
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JB 1 Day Trip Itinerary – shop, eat and chill

JB 1 Day Trip: The place we are exploring today is a small town designed and built by Eco World, which takes about 30 minutes to drive from the Johor checkpoint to get there.

Our first stop was at Eco Palladium, a commercial center featuring European-style architecture with a distinctive black-and-white color scheme. The majority of the first floor is dedicated to food and retail, while the upper floors consist of storefronts and offices.

When we walked around the ground floor, we noticed many storefronts were food stalls, selling delicious local food, dessert shops, cafes, beauty salons, and pubs. After wandering around for a while, we started to feel hungry, so we decided to look for the most popular food stall to have our lunch.

We decided to lunch at Roast & Coffee eatery and during the lunch hour is bustling with patrons. However, due to the spacious interior with high ceilings spanning two levels, the space doesn’t feel cramped. Additionally, there is more sit available outside the shop. The variety of food here is so extensive that I am overwhelmed and don’t know what to eat. In the end, my friend ordered the Salted Egg Chicken Fried Rice, and I ordered the Thai Chicken Chop and two sets of toast. The chicken chop here is really big and their taste is also very good. Dip into the Thai chili make these chicken chops more tasty. Moving on to the toast, we have one with kaya and butter, and another with kaya, butter, and peanuts. You must try the toast with peanut butter added, as it tastes even better.

Earlier, we saw a bubble tea shop of a certain brand. After lunch, we went to buy bubble tea from MiXue. The selection here is not as extensive as in Singapore but it is cheaper. I bought the peach oolong tea and it was delicious. I was surprised to see that they have their own 3D animation. Now, let’s try if we can go explore Eco Spring to take check out the houses. But we are stopped by the guard.

Then now we are going to check out Eco Spring Labs. It is said that Eco Spring Labs is a retail park where everyone can eat, drink, and have fun. The toilets here are modern and clean. We ended up resting at this cafe, where we also ordered some desserts and drinks.

Before returning to Singapore, we went to this bakery to buy some breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to find a cozy cafe on the second level. I definitely want to come back here to relax next time.